Food in Korea

While I lived in Korea I encountered some unusual and very delicious foods. Here are just a few of the wonderful things I was able to see and taste during my adventures 😀

Food in Korea  This was a delicious vegetarian dish. A rich and unctuous mix of vegetables and tteok (rice cakes)

k 003 This is one of many varieties of Kimbab that I had. These wonderful rolls are Korea’s answer to sushi. They seem to come in a hundred varieties. I loved the way the flavors play together and how easy and cheap they were.

First days of Korea 164This was perhaps one of the more unique items I tried there. It is supposed to be a garlic toast. …but it had sugar on it and cheese in the middle. Surprisingly it was actually kind of good. I ate it more often than I should have probably.

K 138 Green tea lattes are always wonderful. Sometimes they even had beautiful designs created on top, such as this one.

There are so many wonderful foods, it’s hard to list them all. From dried fish and squid at the baseball games to cute muffins and fish shaped bread filled with red bean paste. The bossam (boiled pork) was so wonderful and melt in your mouth good too.

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